Interview with Remington Schieffer, field services supervisor, Dynapower

Products Finishing sits down with 40 Under 40 Class of 2021 inductee Remington Schieffer to hear how he approaches his work and his thoughts on the finishing industry.


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Remington Schieffer is the field services supervisor for industrial application at Dynapower. He was recently inducted into the 2021 40 Under 40 class of emerging leaders in the finishing industry. We sat down with Remington to hear his story.

PF: Tell us about your work.

RS: I have grown businesses everywhere I have gone, from my start in this industry all the way up to working at Dynapower. I believe that the best thing you can do for a customer/facility/person is to help identify root causes, and not only solve the problem but find a way to keep it from coming back. I believe in liberating the customer from ignorance and facilitating learning wherever possible.

Dynapower’s mission is to spread the wealth of knowledge we have accumulated over the years with our customer base. It's not often you find a service provider who is interested in making you more self-sufficient so you no longer need to call in outside contractors. It is this drive of value that makes us form long-term partnerships with our customers — that level of support makes loyal long-term customers. This is what keeps us human, driven and hungry to find the next best way to impact our end-users bottom line and help make their process as efficient as possible using our products and services. 

PF: Describe your involvement in industry associations and the finishing community. 

I moved my family across the country to work for this company. We originally lived in Wisconsin. There, I tried to participate with the Rockford and Milwaukee chapters of NASF any opportunity I could. Now, I participate in the Palmetto chapter and the New England NASF whenever they will have me. I have been given a speaking position at SURFIN discussing advances in rectifier maintenance and data to help in troubleshooting — or at least I would have been presenting until COVID-19 took the wind out of all our sails. I hope I am picked again for this year.

PF: What are you most proud of in your work?

RS: I take pride in creating new training programs at Dynapower that help our techs impact our customers in more complete service ways than ever before. I have developed training for customers not just on their equipment, but on their entire process and how our equipment fits into that process… and how to maintain the equipment integral to that process. I have even gone as far as designing a few engineering and equipment products for the metal finishing industry — like a retrofit safety and PM reader, and the RapidX air-cooled switchmode.

I try and bring our whole industry up to the next level in each and every thing I do. All ships rise with the tide, and if I can contribute to all of us working a little smarter, equipment lasting a little longer, and people learning a little more, then I have made our industry and our world a better place. It’s what gets me out of bed each day.

PF: What drives you on a personal level?

RS: I have had the privilege of working with some of the greatest minds here in the industry — the very knowledgeable and generous people who have made it a priority to share the knowledge that they have learned through the years with me. It’s that generosity I hope to one day pay forward to those I encounter, be it coworker, colleague or customer.