KIRCHNER: 'And you can quote me on that!'

Eight memorable quotes to run your business by.


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A great quote is the perfect combination of brevity, deep insight and inspiration. Years ago I started collecting a list of quotes that, for one reason or another, caught my interest. The standard for making the list is relatively high. The quote must be out of the ordinary. It must be relevant to my business or personal life and, of course, it must be inspiring in some fashion. Over the years the list has grown to 106 quotes. To follow are some of my all-time favorites, each of which applies in its own way to leading a finishing industry company or department:

"Leaders get the behavior they exhibit and tolerate." – Bossidy, Larry, & Charan, Ram. (2002) Execution: The Discipline of Getting Things Done. New York City: Crown Business. Anytime I struggle in the leadership area I ponder this quote from a book co-authored by Larry Bossidy, the retired CEO of Allied Signal (later Honeywell). If you’re not getting the performance from your team that you think you should, ask yourself whether you are setting the right example and expecting the right behavior or are you tolerating less from your team than you should be.