Kyzen, CJI Host 'Clean and Green' Seminar June 13-14

The two firms will be offering two days of training, with several technical sessions and hands-on testing throughout the day. The training is free, but space is limited.


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Join Kyzen and CJI for an in-depth overview of the latest changes in government regulations that are currently affecting chemistry used in California manufacturing facilities on June 13 and 14 in Santa Fe Springs, California. The two firms will be offering two days of training, with several technical sessions and hands-on testing throughout the day.

The training is free, but space is limited. You can register here.


Recent U.S. Government / EPA Changes Concerning Approval For Solvents Used in Manufacturing Operations.  With the ever tightening rules and regulations imposed on solvent cleaning by Federal, State, and other regional governing bodies, today’s solvents must be safe, efficient, effective, environmentally compliant, and provide the required performance level to meet the end user’s needs. Environmental / Health / Safety concerns are paramount when selecting a solvent to meet the cleaning application! This session will provide a current comprehensive look at:

  • Current EPA / OSHA / NESHAP solvent regulations review
  • Emerging NEW solvents – Safety and Performance
  • Market trends for solvent cleaning
  • and more

Emergence & Growth of Modified Alcohol Solvents in the Manufacturing Industry, Applications and Operational Procedures.  Move toward organic solvent, closed-systems has become an emerging trend in the cleaning technologies and manufacturing industry. And we can understand why, take the Vacuum Degreasing process for example: the entire cleaning operation is conducted under a vacuum to enable continuous distillation/purification of the solvent. The heated liquid solvent is introduced to the cleaning chamber from 1 to 3 reservoirs, allowing for wash, rinse, and RP applications. This session will cover the many benefits of this process, including

A Step by Step Guide to help Prevent Corrosion at your Manufacturing Facility.  If you are fighting corrosion on your manufacturing facility, you are not alone.  In thiseducational and interactive session, we will provide an in-depth overview of the problem as well as an analysis of the required factors contributing to corrosion.  You will also learn about the types of corrosion associated with the metal industry and the leading causes, as well as ways to minimize them.

Facility Tour & Chemistry Demo. Bring your soiled parts to the event and you will be able to participate in a Live Demo.

Complete Agenda will be available soon

Meet the Speakers:

Mr. Joe McChesney has over 39 years of experience on many cleaning processes from conceptual design through field operation. He has served on the EPA/Clean Air Advisory Board, on the State of Kentucky International Trade Association Advisory Board, and has many equipment designs and/or processes related to solvent usage patented. Joe has also contributed to many articles for the industry, including this recent contribution to Stamping Journal .
 Mr. Chuck Sexton currently leads the Global Product Line for KYZEN’s Industrial Products. He has worked in the industrial parts cleaning industry for over 30 years and has extensive experience in many aspects of Process Engineering. His expertise has been sought out by several organizations where he is often invited to participate leading educational sessions or discussion panels .  Mr. Sexton holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Illinois, and a M.B.A. from the University of North Florida.
Kevin Buckner Mr. Kevin Buckner currently manages the Western Region of the country for KYZEN. With over 15 years of expertise in the precision cleaning industry, Kevin’s unique understanding of both mechanical and chemical interactions, make him a valuable resource for addressing emerging cleaning on the manufacturing floor.  He is actively involved in several SMTA chapters in the Western United States.


  • Understanding Infrared Curing

    Infrared cure is gaining increased attention from coaters as a result of shorter cure cycles and the possibility of smaller floor space requirements when compared to convection oven curing. 

  • Anodizing Vs. Powder Coat

    I am an engineer on a large yacht build project and urgently need information and advice on choosing a finish for the aluminum deck plates in the engine room.

  • Removing Cured Powder Coatings

    Question: What methods are available for removing cured powder coatings, and what are the pros and cons of these methods?