Kyzen’s McChesney to Present on Parts Cleaning Environmental Concerns

McChesney will present and discuss “Parts Cleaning and Environmental Concerns. Choosing a Green Solvent” on March 7 at 3 p.m.


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Kyzen's Joe McChesney


Kyzen's Global Technology Manager Joe McChesney will present and discuss “Parts Cleaning and Environmental Concerns. Choosing a Green Solvent” on March 7 at 3 p.m., in the HAI Helo-Expo Newsroom of the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center during the HAI Helo-Expo 2017 in Dallas.

McChesney said that with the ever-tightening rules and regulations imposed on solvent cleaning by federal, state and other regional governing bodies, today’s solvents must be safe, efficient, effective, environmentally compliant while providing the required performance levels to meet end users’ needs. As existing solvents are regulated and new solvents emerge, he said it is important for the user public to understand the benefits and guidelines for using these governmental approved solvents in conjunction with available cleaning systems on the market today. Environmental, health and safety concerns are paramount when selecting a solvent to meet the cleaning application. McChesney will present on all these aspects, and will be available for questions afterwards.

McChesney has more than 39 years of experience with solvent and aqueous cleaning processes from conceptual design through field operation. He has served on the EPA/Clean Air Advisory Board, on the State of Kentucky International Trade Association Advisory Board, and has numerous equipment designs and/or processes related to solvent usage patented. Additionally, he has contributed many articles for the industry. 

For information, visit kyzen.com