Kyzen’s VaporDegreasing 20|20 Promises New Standard

An “Aha!” moment helped carry degreasing to the present day.


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Degreasing may finally get a makeover—and it has a tint of green to it.

After decades of doing-things-the-old-fashioned-way degreasing methods, Nashville-based cleaning chemistries manufacturer Kyzen developed VaporDegreasing 20|20, a line of green cleaning processes and solvents.

Tom Forsythe, executive vice president of Kyzen, says the idea was to provide more options for metal finishing, parts cleaning and specialized electronics manufacturing applications.

“We just shook our heads and said, ‘There’s got to be something there,’” says Forsythe. “While new solvents come along, the solvent cleaning process side of degreasing has not evolved a great deal.”



Solstice Performance Fluid

Product use



1.27 g/cm3

Water solubility

1.90 g/l at 20°C

Melting point/ freezing point

< -90°C

Physical state

Liquid, clear

Boiling point/ boiling range



Kyzen’s aim was to take a fresh look at cleaning, and consider adopting more modern techniques, procedures and technology, much like with software. You never want to be too far behind the current version. This  approach does just that by increasing cleanliness and economic results. The VaporDegreasing 20|20’s benefits include:

  • VOC-free cleaning fluids
  • Minimal operator exposure
  • Cost-effective process parameters
  • Automatic part transfer
  • No stabilizers required
  • Safe and sustainable process
  • Minimum monitoring

Known for its aqueous cleaners, Kyzen wanted to create a new, holistic product with environmental impact in mind.

“This market is very accustomed to its traditional approaches that are often effective but less often green,” says Forsythe. “We needed it to be as green as we could make it and make it work. We aim for green and clean.”

And green and clean it is. The company says that its degreaser performance is equal to—if not better—than older standards such as AK225 and nPB, without the environmental trade-offs. The cleaning fluids are free of VOCs, do not require stabilizers and entail minimal operator exposure. This approach enables finishers to boil off and recapture solvents for recycled use, saving time and money while reducing exposure.

The company says VaporDegreasing 20|20 processes for metal finishing, parts cleaning and specialized electronics manufacturing applications are designed with a line of fluorinated solvents that provide exceptional cleaning power and satisfy long-term environmental and safety requirements.

One of the solvents, Solstice Performance Fluid (PF and PF-2A), are fluorinated solvents that Stepp says provides exceptional cleaning power and satisfies long-term environmental and safety goals. Solstice PF has been specially formulated for use in multiple applications such as electronics, metal finishing and oxygen systems cleaning.

These solvents are now operating in a variety of applications, including direct replacement for AK225 and nPB, for O2 Cleaning, for oxygen system cleaning, vapor degreasing, vacuum vapor degreasing and DuoSolvent cleaning.


For more information visit KYZEN Corporation.

Originally published in the December 2015 issue.