Magic Rack’s Hook Organizer, Transport and Burn-off System Streamlines Production

Racks organize part hooks securely for time and labor savings.


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When maximizing the efficiency of painting operations, the last thing to worry about are hooks falling from the racks, or the need to untangle the overwhelming mess of hooks in storage bins.

Magic Rack/Production Plus Corp. believes they have solved that problem with its new Hook Organizer/Transport System, which fabrication manager Donovan Dixon says are designed to cut down on manpower and help operations run more smoothly.

Once loaded with hooks, the adjustable bars on the rack are lowered to “trap” the hooks in place, assuring that the hooks will not fall from the rack during transport.  Then the racks are loaded onto the cart frame for shipping and cleaning.  The cart/rack system has also been engineered with a removable rolling base, which enables hook transport directly to the paint line loading area or anywhere in the facility.




The hook/transport system is designed to withstand temperatures of 800–1,000°F and the harshest cleaning operations, such as blasting, chemical stripping and burn-off ovens.

“Our main goal with this product is to give customers an easy, yet effective, way to streamline their operations and enable them to work more
efficiently,” says Dixon.

“We have a customer who incurs costly man-hours involved with handling paint hooks,” says Dixon. “They actually employ at least one person full-time to untangle paint hooks after returning from burn-off. This rack, although in the beginning stages at their facility, is going to cut the amount of time involved handling their hooks in half.”

Dixon says finishing companies often pile hooks into steel bins, causing tangles that require excess man power to unravel. Hooks also typically hang loosely during transportation and fall easily from the racks that are currently on the market today.

Magic Rack’s equipment is designed to organize the hooks so they can be transported to burn-off or cleaning without the worry of falling, enabling better control and time savings. The storage racks can be tailored to fit each job, assuring that the patented cart/rack system is the correct fit for each company’s individual needs.


Types of hooks

All types


Customizable to fit burn-off oven or strip tanks


Options include dolly with casters, Pallet Jack or Fork Lift


Built to withstand burn-off oven temperatures


Independent racks can be removed for locating at work stations


For more information, visit MagicRack.com.


Originally published in the February 2016 issue.