MFASC 'Bright Design' Event is Dec. 9

Students over the past three months have been working on projects leading up to the final class as $15,000 will be awarded to the three winners.


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Bryan Leiker (right) and Alan Olick (left) with instructors from the Art Center of Design.


The Metal Finishing Association of Southern California's West Coast Bright Design Challenge will hold their annual judging of the students from the Art Center of Design in Pasadena on Tuesday, Dec. 9 at the school.


Students from the college are asked to think beyond traditional design theory and bring out there very best creative spirit in developing "next generation" creative and engineering solutions incorporating various types of surface finishing coatings. About $15,000 in scholarships are awarded each year to students who present the best product using surface finishing techniques.


About 15 students from the Art Center of Design toured K&L Anodizing and General/Brite Plating in September to get a look at what it takes to anodize and plate metal components. After the tour,  K&L Anodizing's Bryan Leiker and General/Brite Plating's Alan Olick taught a class for four hours on the basics of anodizing and plating. The students over the past three months have been working on projects leading up to the final class on December 9, and at that time $15,000 will be awarded to the three winners, $5,000 each.



The students listening to Leiker and Olick at K&L Anodizing.


“After five years of being involved in this program, I continue to be amazed at how fast the students  learn the surface finishing processes,” said Leiker,  MFASC president and K&L Anodizing president. “The students are very involved and seem to love this program especial having the ability to work directly with finishing shops. For many of the students they continue to work on their projects long after the class has ended.”


The sponsors for this project so far MFASC, NASF, K&L Anodizing, General Brite Plating, Uyemura, EME Plating, Miles Chemical and Ronatec.




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