Michigan Manufacturer/Plater Adding Operations, 100+ Jobs

The new program is likely to include assembly, paint and chrome finishing of Ford Ranger bumpers, according to a release from Ventra Ionia.


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Michigan’s Ventra Ionia plans to purchase a 48,900-square-foot building next to its plant to create room for a new Ford Ranger bumper operation, which is expected to create more than 100 jobs. The new program is likely to include assembly, paint and chrome finishing of the bumpers, according to a company release.

West Michigan economic development agency The Right Place Inc. said the Ionia site was up against locations in other states, including Indiana and Illinois, for the Ford expansion. To support the new development, the Michigan Economic Development Corporation approved a $600,000 grant.

“We are also grateful to The Right Place, the Ionia County Economic Alliance and the Michigan Economic Development Corp., because it takes a special kind of partnership to create jobs and make expansion plans of this magnitude a reality,” Bill Beistline, vice president of procurement at Flex-N-Gate, a parent company of Ventra Ionia, said in the press release.

“Our company is proud to operate 12 plants and two development centers in Michigan, all of them thriving, and there is no question the best days for our Ventra operation in Ionia are just ahead.”



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