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1/1/1998 | 4 MINUTE READ

National Association of Metal Finishers (NAMF)

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Founded in 1955, the National Association of Metal Finishers (NAMF) is comprised of management executives in the surface finishing industry and related fields.


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Founded in 1955, the National Association of Metal Finishers (NAMF) is comprised of management executives in the surface finishing industry and related fields. It has thrived as a trade association thanks to the voluntary and cooperative efforts of its members worldwide.

Through the years, key legislative and regulatory activities have contributed to making successful daily surface finishing operations increasingly difficult by imposing fines and restrictions upon the industry. With the support of its members, the association has met and continues to meet regulatory challenges to remain a strong and viable force in the surface finishing industry.

Conventions, Seminars and Tours

Annual Convention and Management Seminars. NAMF's Annual Convention and Management Seminars allow finishers to stay on top of the most current management techniques, as well as regulatory activities.

The convention, held each March, mixes business seminars with member interaction to provide valuable information. In the past, association members have enjoyed programming that ranges from crisis management communication to learning the art of power negotiating to discussions on estate planning, environmental criminal law enforcement, regulatory compliance issues and more.

Many association members take advantage of this opportunity to combine informative seminars with family recreation. The convention provides numerous social and sporting events and features the annual awards banquet where individuals and firms are honored for their contributions to the finishing industry.

This year's event will be cosponsored by NAMF and the MFSA. It will take place at the Pointe Hilton Resort at Tapatio Cliffs in Phoenix, Arizona, March 8-11.

Outlook Management Seminars. The opportunity to learn new management and regulatory concepts, share ideas, develop strategies with peers and visit one of the industry's trade shows can be found at the Outlook Management Seminars. Held in conjunction with the American Electroplaters and Surface Finisher's (AESF) annual Sur/Fin® Conference and Trade Show, NAMF schedules two half-days of timely regulatory and industry management seminars.

Legislative Conference and Capitol Hill Visits. In conjunction with its government relations activities, the association coordinates an annual legislative conference every September, providing an opportunity for members to meet with elected officials and discuss issues affecting their companies.

The conference is an important function of NAMF government relations, providing its members with yet another means of having a voice on important legislative and regulatory issues.

Trade Tours. The association's trade tours, held every two years, are designed to give members an opportunity to study industry-related operations in various parts of the world. Trade tour participants have visited sites throughout Europe and the Far East, giving members a first-hand look at foreign operations.

Member Benefits

Government Relations. In this era of environmental concerns, NAMF is a highly respected and integral force for the surface finishing industry at the federal, state and local levels of government.

The association's full-time Washington D.C. staff formulates, implements and represents the interests of its members in all regulatory and legislative matters before Congress, EPA and other federal agencies.

The association's manual provides a better understanding of crisis control and communication. Members are taken step-by-step through defining a crisis, preparing a plan, conducting a crisis audit, positive public relations tips and preparing for media interviews.

Management Manual. For information on competing finishing methods prevalent in the business world, NAMF turned to the collective experience of its members, owners and technical personnel of finishing job shops.

This information is provided in the association's Management Manual. With more than 500 pages of technical, statistical and financial information, this manual helps members run their businesses better by addressing job costs and profit centers, quality control, personnel management, insurance, financial management, sales and marketing policies and pollution control.

finishingLine. Regular communication of NAMF events, late-breaking industry issues, regulatory updates and special calendar activities are crucial to members. That is why the association distributes its member newsletter, finishingLine.

legislativeLine. Written by NAMF's government relations staff, this regular supplement to finishingLine provides members with current regulatory and legislative news relating to the association and the industry.

Membership Directory and Resource Guide. For an easy reference, the associations membership directory furnishes members with a concise listing of fellow surface finisher members across the U.S. and abroad. Produced every two years, the directory is a useful tool in identifying other major surface finishing shops.

Membership Categories

Affiliate Member. NAMF membership begins at the affiliate level, a vital key to the structure of the association and its ability to serve the entire industry. Affiliates are located in major industrial areas to serve local and regional needs. They provide their own membership benefits and meet on a regular basis.

Affiliate membership is open to individuals (sole proprietors), partnerships and corporations directly engaged in surface finishing and related fields, as well as associations representing such businesses. When a finisher's membership into the local affiliate is accepted, it automatically becomes a member of the national association as well. Local affiliates have complete autonomy over the approval of membership applications in their respective regions.

At-Large Member. At-large members include individuals (sole proprietors) or corporations engaged in surface finishing who are not located within the geographical boundaries of one of the local affiliates. At-large members are considered full members and receive full benefits.

Contributing Sponsor. Consultants, manufacturers and interested parties in the industry are eligible to become contributing sponsors. NAMF provides an opportunity to join with other surface finishing professionals to improve the industry at both the local and national levels. Contributing sponsors receive most of the same benefits of membership as at-large and affiliate members.


For more information on the National Association of Metal Finishers, contact NAMF at 209 Elden Street, Suite 202, Herndon, Virginia, 20170-4815. Phone: (703) 709-8299, Fax: (703) 709-1036.


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