National Surface Finishing Day on March 4 Celebrates Industry

National Surface Finishing Day on Wednesday, March 4 is a way to showcase the industry to local trade schools, businesses, officials and media, as well as to celebrate employees and staff.


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Products Finishing magazine is partnering with thousands of finishing operations in the U.S. to celebrate National Surface Finishing Day (NSFD) on Wednesday, March 4, 2020. NSFD is designed to celebrate and showcase the industry to trade schools, businesses, officials and media, as well as to celebrate employees and staff.

Facilities are encouraged to download material about how to host an event that attracts tours from local students and businesses, and how to work with local news media on building awareness for the surface finishing industry.

  • Invite local business in for a tour of your facility
  • Encourage local trade schools to bring students by for a shop tour
  • Ask local elected officials to visit and get to know your staff
  • Reward your employees with a celebration lunch

A reference of best practices for National Surface Finishing Day is also available.

Plating, liquid and powder coating operations can also celebrate National Surface Finishing Day with their employees and staff to show their appreciation, as well as to demonstrate to employees how important their jobs in the finishing industry are to the manufacturing sector.

Click HERE to see how some shops celebrated National Surface Finishing Day in 2019.

The goal of National Surface Finishing Day is to bring further awareness of plating and coating facilities to their community and in attracting larger OEMs and Tiers to the region. It also is a way to demonstrate how surface finishing operations provide valuable employment and benefits to the area, and opens a facility up to local trade schools and officials to tour and see all the great things happening inside a shop.

National Surface Finishing Day will be held the first Wednesday in March going forward, with hopes that shops taking part in the event will further their involvement in the finishing industry by joining local trade associations or attending trade shows. Visit pfonline.com/zones/nsfd/ for additional information.