Nordson Partners with Powder Coating Institute to Award $5,000 Scholarship

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Dan Thompson, Director of Sales, Nordson Corporation (far left) and Trena Benson, Executive Director, PCI (far right) with Jakob Waffen and his mother (middle).



Nordson Corporation partners with the Powder Coating Institute (PCI) to sponsor the first $5,000 Nordson BUILDS/PCI Scholarship, awarded at the PC Summit earlier this month.


Administered by PCI, the scholarship is a merit based award, intended to promote the importance of American manufacturing, with the goal of introducing young minds to the world of powder coatings. Students must be seeking degrees in engineering or business to qualify, and demonstrate an interest in powder coating technology.


Nordson is a global supplier of inudstrial precision powder coating technologies and also offers expertise, support, workshops and training for a variety of industrial powder applications.


The company plans to expand its flagship Nordson BUILDS Scholarship Program, administered by the Ohio Foundation of Independent Colleges (OFIC), to include partnerships with other organizations like PCI.


“These partnerships expand Nordson’s outreach to more students and help to minimize students’ loan debt associated with pursuing higher education,” says Amonica Davis, manager of student outreach at Nordson.


“We want students to be cognizant of the powder coating industry and to realize there are great careers to be had in the U.S. manufacturing sector,” explains Dan Thompson, director of sales, Nordson Corporation.


This year’s recipient, Ohio University student Jakob Waffen, embodies those goals. “Jakob is ambitious and deserving, and represents the future of continued manufacturing growth in the U.S.,” Thompson says.  “We were excited to select him as the first Nordson BUILDS/PCI Scholarship award winner.”



For more information, go to www.nordson.com.





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