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2/1/2000 | 3 MINUTE READ

Nothing but Net: He Did What?

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It was night.


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It was night. He was running through the woods with a semi-automatic rifle in his hands. His eyes were piercing through night vision goggles. Sweat was building on his brow. He had one thing in mind: RESCUE THE HOSTAGE.

My wife and I were preparing our evening dinner.

Back in the jungles of South America, he had negotiated with several terrorists and gained access into a guerilla fortress. Clearing the house from room to room, he searched effortlessly for signs of a hostage. Yes! There she was in an upstairs office, kneeling on the floor.

At this point, I believe we were about ready to set the table when our four-year-old son came running into the kitchen yelling, “Mommy, I saved the people!” We looked at each other and wondered what in the world he was talking about. To make a long story short, I had hidden the files for the game “Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six” so that my son would not be able to access the game. I know what you are thinking at this point, and yes, the little guy found it. In less than a half-hour, he cleared the first level that took his daddy about an hour. Let me just say that the game is no longer on our computer.

Where am I going with this? Much of our limited knowledge about computers, software and the Internet is due to our fear of something new. Face it, the majority of us were not exposed to computers at all until the mid-’80s, and that wasn’t too long ago. The computer, let alone the Internet, was new technology. However, along with this new technology came fear. Do I have to learn a completely new system? Will I break it? Will I get a virus? Can anyone access my private information?

For my son, the computer and the Internet have always been in the house and he has absolutely no fear of it. He is exposed to lots of software as well as web sites. Even at four, he also knows that he can find things on the Internet as easily as he can in many stores.

PF wants to assist you in the learning curve of technology. We have made it a mission to develop PFonline as a web site that is easy to use. And, with the development of the ZONES, we are now able to disseminate information to you by finishing topic, making your research easier.

Embracing technology will be important for the future of your shop. The Internet is affecting your business from administration to automation. I want to challenge you this month to think like a four year old and lose the fear of new technology. Embrace it and have fun.

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Webmonkey Internet Guide ****

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