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1/1/2000 | 3 MINUTE READ

Nothing but Net: The New PFonline

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As many of you have already seen, PFonline has taken on a new look and in doing so has added a ton of new content!


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As many of you have already seen, PFonline has taken on a new look and in doing so has added a ton of new content! Our goal is that the new PFonline will be the easiest surface finishing web site for you to navigate and that you are able find the answers for all of your finishing questions. This month, I will be giving you a tour of the online resources that are available to you 24 hours a day, all year long.

The Zones are alive! The month of January 2000 is not only the birth of a new millennium, it is the birth of four new surface finishing resources, the PFonline Zones. These four Zones, which can be accessed from the home page of PFonline , include the Environmental Zone, the Powder Coating Zone, the Plating Zone and the Painting Zone. These topic specific Zones will enable you to view content rich data relative to your needs as quickly as possible.


Need more info? Another important feature linking PF and PFonline is the "FIND OUT MORE" feature which appears in many of the magazine articles. Keep your eyes out for this gem. Whenever you see it, you will be provided with a web site address that will take you online for more detailed information on topics covered in the article. We have already begun to see many of you using this feature. We look for this tool to be one of PF's most popular resources.


What is your opinion? PF is now offering up a sounding board for the industry! This new feature called T.O.M., stands for Topic Of the Month which will feature a special topic that will prompt discussion at PFonline. At PFonline, there will be a message board (forum) that will enable you to give feedback on all types of hot topics, including industry happenings, associations, federal matters and much more. T.O.M. will provide an excellent opportunity for suppliers, end users, consultants and others within the surface finishing community to share constructive feedback with the industry. Look for the T.O.M. topic this month in Steve Kline, Jr.'s editorial on ETV.

Talk amongst yourselves! PFonline is not only a great place for getting the latest scoop in plating technology, it is also a place for finding answers to some of your toughest questions. Are you having trouble with a process? Is there something about the part that's not quite right? Are you looking for alternative methods? The PFonline FORUMS are perfect for you. There is no registration or fee required; just come on in and ask away. You never know, you just might have an answer for some of our visitor's toughest questions.

If for any reason there is something you need at PFonline that is not currently there, please do not hesitate to email me, and I will work with you to see that it is added to the site. After all, this site is for you!

Travis's Monthly Site Review:

(Sites are rated with up to 5 stars, with 5 being the highest score.)

Travel is a necessity in our industry. From sales calls to deliveries, we are plagued with essential travel. In my site review this month, I want to try and help alleviate the frustrations we face in trying to get accurate directions. MAPQUEST ( is a useful resource on the web for any traveler. Although some features on this site are quite worthless, there is one excellent feature. It is the Driving Directions section. When you find this tool, complete the Starting and Destination addresses then select from the Door-to-Door (specific) or City-to-City (general route) option. Calculate for detailed directions. I tried several routes that I knew well and the results were great.

One of the major downfalls of this site is that it tries to be the one-stop shop for travel on the net. The dining and hotel guides return very little info, if any, and the travel deals are basically non-existent. This site is also a good example of sticking with what you know. In MAPQUEST's interest, they need to stick with directions.

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