Off-The-wall Questions


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Q. I have just completed reading your Powder Coating Clinic section in the October issue and I must say you have made my day. I read the entire section with a smile on my face and a question in my brain. That question? How many borderline stupid questions must this guy get on a daily basis?

As a Chemical Engineer (and P.E.), I have worked professionally in the electroplating of cyanide copper, acid copper, sulfamate nickel, Watts nickel and electroless nickel. I also powder coat as a hobby supporting my other hobby of motorcycle restoration. While I don’t call myself an expert at either plating or powder coating, I feel for you in reviewing all the questions you must receive. B. B.


A. Thanks for reading my column and appreciating my humor. I really don’t get that many “off-the-wall” questions. However, the next two questions are kind of interesting.

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