Paint Test Panels

Can you help us locate a source for purchasing paint sample test panels?


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Q. We recently installed a new paint line and need to send paint test panels to our paint supplier for analysis. He prefers we use surface prepared steel panels three inches wide by six inches long. The supplier’s laboratory people know that sample test panels can be purchased but do not know a specific source. Can you help us locate a source? Thanks. J. B.


A. Surface treated steel test panels are available in several finishes: smooth, matte, ground. These panels are usually available in widths of three to six inches, and lengths of three to 12 inches. Thicknesses usually range from 0.010–0.032 inches.

If you need phosphate coated paint test panels, they are available from pretreatment chemical suppliers in several sizes. However, if you are unable to purchase the required size panels, cut sample panels of your steel to size in your shop and arrange with your chemical supplier to have them phosphatized.

Suppliers of test panels are listed on pages 391–393 of the 2008 PRODUCTS FINISHING DIRECTORY & TECHNOLOGY GUIDE under the various testing equipment headings or online at www.pfonline.com/suppliers.html.

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