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Question: We are trying to paint a cover made of Cycolac ABS plastic.

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We are trying to paint a cover made of Cycolac ABS plastic. We are using a two-component polyurethane paint. Our problem is that we are experiencing a “blemish” on a cosmetic surface. The blemish is being caused by either the mold or the mold release. Is there anything that we can do to either hide or prevent this problem besides applying a barrier coat or sanding? M.R.


If the blemish problem is caused by the mold, there is a defect in the mold itself. Cosmetic repair would involve sanding, filling, more sanding and perhaps the application of a barrier coat at least in the repaired areas.

If the blemish is caused by the presence of mold release on the surface of the molded parts, removing the mold release will solve the problem. The best course of action is to call the supplier of the mold release and get his recommendation for removing his mold release. Follow his instructions, and, with any luck, there will be no more blemishes.

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