Parts2clean 2012 Will Be Oct 23-25 in Stuttgart

10th Leading International Trade Fair for Industrial Parts and Surface Cleaning


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Parts2clean will offer a complete overview of processes, procedures, media and measures for cost-efficient cleanliness in accordance with specified requirements in manufacturing and MRO processes at the annual conference October 23-25 in Stuttgart, Germany.
The expert forum held at the leading international trade fair will provide simultaneous interpreting for presentations in German and English for the first time at the 10th parts2clean. The presentations will offer lots of knowledge and know-how covering all aspects of industrial parts and surface cleaning.
Parts2clean has established itself around the globe as the number one information and procurement platform in this respect. This is substantiated by the 18 person increase in visitor numbers experienced at the last event at the end of October 2011, as well as by the fact that roughly 20 percent of the visitors came from outside of Germany; they journeyed from 49 countries on all five continents to attend parts2clean in Stuttgart.
“Both the quantity and the quality of the visitors were outstanding,” says Marion Stamm, sales manager for industrial ultrasonics at Bandelin Electronic GmbH & Co. KG. “As always, we had top-notch discussions regarding concrete tasks and projects. We were surprised that we had so many international visitors at our booth. The visitors are looking for solutions to their cleaning problems, and in some cases they even bring workpieces with them.”
For more information, please visit www.parts2clean.com


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