PCI Custom Coater Forum Is March 27-28 In Las Vegas

Powder Coating Institute's Custom Coater Forum provides sessions on business solutions, new product technologies, PCI programs, round table discussions, and much more.


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Developed specifically for custom coaters and OEMs, the Powder Coating Institute's Custom Coater Forum will be held March 27-28 in Las Vegas, and provides sessions on business solutions, new product technologies, PCI programs, round table discussions, and much more.


It is an excellent networking opportunity that helps coaters gain new resources and tools to improve their business, as well as develop relationships with other powder coater, said Dave Lurie, PCI Executive Director.


This year's speakers include:


1. Achieving the Maximum Potential for You and Your Staff? - Michael B. Ross, Mainstream Life Solutions, LLC

Summary: What would happen if your entire staff took the path of greatness? How would your productivity, bottom line, and work environment be affected?  In this session, Michael B. Ross will give you instructions on how to unify your organizational culture through common values. He will also teach you how to leave a legacy of leadership which will affect next generation of Powder Coaters. 


2. New Processes and Equipment to Improve Efficiencies – Mike Thies, GEMA US

Summary: Powder coating systems need to be flexible and efficient to process a variety of chemistry and powder formulations.  This presentation will highlight the advancements in manual and automatic coating systems resulting in improvements in system efficiencies relative to the application process.


3. Innovative Marketing Techniques for Custom Coaters – Russel Smith, Premier Site Furniture

Summary: Learn how to get your brick-and-mortar business in front of the new generation of tech-savvy customers.


4. Design and Fabrication Defects (How we as custom coaters can partner with our customers to provide the best coating system possible) – Chris McKinnon, Aegis Industrial Finishing

Summary: As custom coaters we are often at the end of a long drawn out process intended to provide the end user with a desired product. This presentation will draw on the experience of one custom coater’s work with fabricators, engineers, and architects to adapt product design, specifications, and material to provide an easier to coat product that will perform equally or better than intended and ensure the coating life intended by the coating manufacturer is possible – while giving the end user what they originally envisioned!


5. Best Practices in Troubleshooting your Powder Coating System – Mike Wittenhagen, Axalta Coating Systems

Summary: Presenting a due-diligence approach, emphasizing the importance of regular maintenance to ultimately reduce troubleshooting time and increase efficient, cost effective operations.


6. For Advances in Quality Testing & Inspection – Chris Beninati, Elcometer

Summary: This presentation will cover the latest developments in quality control instruments including uncured & cured film thickness, gloss, climate, surface profile, and cure oven data. It will also cover comprehensive software solutions for both statistical process control and documentation.


Additional activities include:

  • Networking Reception at New York-New York Hotel and Casino
  • Breakfast on both days
  • Lunch on day two
  • PCI Custom Coater Steering Committee Meeting