Peer Group Reviews JIT Powder Coating

Formerly part of the Star Coater program, the A-Team is now sponsored by Products Finishing.
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A peer review group recently visited JIT Powder Coating in Farmington, Minnesota to help the company owners improve efficiencies and operations.


� Formerly part of the Star Coater program sponsored by Axalta, the A-Team is now sponsored by Products Finishing.


The concept is simple: several times a year the group of non-competing powder coaters visit to a fellow member’s plant and have them go through the inner workings with a fine-tooth comb, reporting back their observations in a no-holds-barred format designed to improve efficiencies, quality and the bottom line.


JIT Powder Coating started in Fridley, Minnesota, in 1993. Their current Farmington facility was built in 1995 and expanded in 2006 and serves customers in Minnesota, western Wisconsin and northern Iowa. It is a 48,000 sq ft building with 38,000 sq ft of manufacturing area, and 10,000 sq ft of warehouse. The warehouse includes eight loading docks, a ground level loading area, ½ acre paved storage yard, pallet racking and mezzanine.


JIT has multiple pretreatment options, two conveyorized paint systems and a batch area that allows JIT to paint large and small volumes, parts as large as 7 feet high, by 6 feet wide and 50 feet in length, and parts weighing up to 2000 pounds.