Personal Attention Pays Off For Microfinish’s Business Strategy

When new customers come on at Microfinish, they are immediately introduced to the key people who will be taking care of their parts.
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If you are a customer of Microfinish in St. Louis, chances are you have just about all of the finisher’s department head’s direct lines on speed dial.

Bill Stock, president of Microfinish, said that when new customers come on board the company, they are immediately introduced to the key people who will be taking care of their parts.

“After the initial relationship and the requirements are established, the customers are turned over to the operation and production managers, as well as shipping supervisors at each of our four locations,” Stock said. “Each of our customers have easy access to key personnel, and deal firsthand with the people who can best address their particular needs in a timely manner.”

That’s one of the reasons that Microfinish was named one of Product Finishing magazine’s Top Shops in its recent benchmarking survey, especially in the area of customer services and business strategies.

The company provides coatings to five different automotive companies, as well as leaders in the heavy equipment, electrical, lawn care, appliance, and communication industries.

“Our managers are accessible to our customers, through their cell phones, e-mails and texts,” Stock said. “The customer doesn’t have to go through all kinds of hoops to reach an individual to know the status of their parts, discuss any special packaging or learn when their parts will be ready for pick up. They talk to the person who will make whatever they need, happen.”

Microfinish department heads and employees get to know their customers by first name, and to understand the challenge of that person’s business.

“I try to remind them, that when a customer has an unreasonable request, think of it as John or Jane just trying to do their job,” he said. “It’s not Acme Mfg., which is pushy, demanding and overbearing.  Remembering that it’s a person that needs your help, that’s what keeps it personal.”

Stock and his management team survey their customers once a year. Before they are compiled into an ‘official’ report, the surveys are passed to every manager to review.

“Our people get to see the smudged, personal handwriting, comments and signatures of each response” he said. “This keeps it from being a sterilized report, and much more personal.  When a concern is listed, it is handed off to the appropriate individual to address.  A follow up contact is then made to be sure the issue has been fully resolved.”

That’s one of the reasons Stock often hears his customer bragging on the “Microfinish Experience.”

“I hear about the way our entire staff works hard to be accommodating, and to produce high quality finishes, on-time,” he said. “We also continue to expand the finishes we offer, to make ‘new customers’ from our existing customer base with the new processes.”

Established in 1959, Microfinish continues to grow through expansion and acquisition. Their services include zinc, nickel/chrome plating, electroless nickel plating, electrocoating and powder coating.



11048 Gravois Industrial Court

Sunset Hills, MO 63128

Phone: 314-849-8181



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