Perspectives: Powder Coating Supplement

This issue of Products Finishing contains a special supplement devoted to powder coating.

This issue of Products Finishing contains a special supplement devoted to powder coating. Working with the Powder Coating Institute (PCI), we developed what we hope is a comprehensive booklet that will help readers understand what powder coating and the Powder Coating Institute are all about.

When the idea began, we estimated the supplement at approximately thirty some pages. Well, we have since learned that there is a lot more to say about powder coating, and, subsequently, the page count doubled!

In addition to information on the PCI and its programs, there is an article covering the basics of powder coating; an article on powder coating materials and the colors, textures and effects available; and an article on applications methods. Also, the special supplement includes case histories that compare powder to other types of coating methods; a company's decision to switch from high-solids coating to powder; coating pretreatment; and some powder coating success stories.

If you need more information on powder coating, you can always check out the PCI website at or PF's website. Both sites provide a wealth of information on powder coating.

PF's website also offers a forum where you can present questions about powder coating to others in the industry who can provide answers based on their experience and knowledge. The website also features an extensive list of suppliers to the powder coating industry. This list is categorized by product manufactured to make your search easier. Other features of the site include a year's worth of new product reviews where you can catch up on the latest developments. The virtual toolkit feature allows you to look up ASTM standards, determine conversion factors (feet to meters? pounds to grams?) and connect to the National Institute of Standards and Technology.

Hopefully, you will find this supplement useful and informative. Products Finishing hopes to do more supplements in future issues. These would focus on other technologies of interest to you, our readers. We believe this will help you learn more about particular technologies and give you a comprehensive source for information about those technologies.