Platform Specialty Products Separates MacDermid Into Own Unit

MacDermid Performance Solutions encompasses acquisitions it has made over the years, including Enthone and OMG.


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man in a lab with test tubes


Platform Specialty Products is separating its holdings into agricultural solutions and performance solutions segments, creating MacDermid Performance Solutions, which encompasses acquisitions it has made over the years, including Enthone and OMG.

Based in Waterbury, Connecticut, MacDermid more than 4,000 employees in operating facilities across over 50 countries serving the electronics, graphic arts, metal and plastic plating, offshore oil production and drilling markets.

“Following a strategic review and discussions with our management teams, we believe the best way to maximize long-term value for our shareholders is by separating our Agricultural Solutions business as a standalone public company,” says Chairman Martin E. Franklin. “We are fortunate to have two very high-quality businesses serving two very different market segments in the specialty chemicals industry.”

In 2012, Alpha Assembly Materials and Enthone broke away from Cookson to form Alent, which along with OMG Electronic Chemicals were acquired by MacDermid parent Platform Specialty Products.