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Can you give me some suggestions for sources of basic information about the various processes in the electroplating industry?


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Q. I’m new to the electroplating industry and want to learn more about the various processes involved. I’ve tried Googling various terms and end up with so many links that I am unable to figure out where to start. Can you give me some suggestions for sources of basic information? N. B.


A. I’m asked this question often. There are many different sources for the information you are looking for. To start with, you can get a copy of the annual PRODUCTS FINISHING DIRECTORY AND TECHNOLOGY GUIDE, www.pfonline.com, and review articles in the front portion. Another publication, the Metal Finishing Guidebook & Directory, www.metalfinishing.com, contains detailed articles about surface preparation, cleaning processes, plating processes and many other aspects of the metal finishing industry.

I also recently came across a publication that contains much basic information about plating and finishing processes in book form: The Plating Forecast and Assurance, by Larry C. Yoen, Larry King Corp., 2004, www.larrykingcorp.com. This book is new, up-to-date and, believe it or not, still in print. (Most books in the electroplating industry seem to disappear very shortly after publication.) It’s published as a handbook and contain information about various plating processes, plating calculations and process controls.

There are also training programs available. My company, Kushner Electroplating School (www.platingschool.com), offers a number of programs, as does the AESF Foundation of the NASF, www.nasf.org.

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