Podcast: Shaping the Industrial Buying Process

Dave Necessary, Gardner Business Media's director of strategic engagement, shares key insights from 2020 Industrial Buying Influence Report on Industrial Strength Marketing podcast.


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Dave Necessary Industrial Strength Marketing Podcast

Dave Necessary shared key insights from the Industrial Buying Influence Report on the Industrial Strength Marketing Podcast. Photo Credit: Industrial Strength Marketing.

Understanding buyer motivation is essential to success for all businesses. It’s especially important for business-to-business companies — like coaters, finishers and finishing suppliers. Gardner Intelligence, the market intelligence branch of PF’s parent company Gardner Business Media, exists to provide companies with these kinds of critical insights to the manufacturing community.

It recently released the Industrial Buying Influence 2020 Report, a downloadable report that details trends and tactics for selling to industrial manufacturing buyers. The report — along with Gardner Business Media’s own Dave Necessary — was featured on an episode of the Industrial Strength Marketing podcast.

Necessary, who is GBM’s director of strategic engagement, shared highlights of the report with host James Soto, Founder and CEO of Industrial Strength Marketing. They discuss insights that industrial marketers, sellers and business leaders can use to identify and meet the demands of today’s industrial buyers.

Whether you have a marketing team or you’re a jack-of-all-trades within your operation, it pays to understand what is motivating your customers. This information can help shops with smaller teams to focus their resources. For example, “there is a primary five in terms of conditioning, influencing and moving buyers and buying teams, and the centerpiece of that is your website,” according to Necessary.

Listen to the podcast here.

About the Industrial Buying Influence report

Gardner Intelligence’s Industrial Buying Influence (IBI) series is a comprehensive analysis of how media and marketing impact the industrial buying cycle in discrete parts manufacturing. Industrial Buying Influence 2020 is the fifth installment of the series and takes a direct look at the industrial buying team. Specifically, the pace and the process by which buying teams evaluate, research and decide on purchases; and how media and marketing influence and inform each stage of that purchase process.

Topics include:

  • Industrial buyer and buying team personas
  • Strategies for building brand, driving demand, generating leads
  • Insights into how buying teams use media
  • Tips on matching message to titles, facility sizes and buying stage