Powder Application Equipment

Who makes the best powder coating application equipment on the market?


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Q. Who makes the best powder coating application equipment on the market? S.M.

A. I get that question a lot. Does anyone actually think that a consultant who is the executive director of the Powder Coating Institute is going to give a one-word answer to this question? It seems simple, but it requires a thoughtful answer.

You can find a number of excellent suppliers on the web and listed in the pfonline buyer’s directory. The PCI has several member companies, and they all supply very solid equipment. My answer is to take the time to travel to the test facilities of the suppliers and coat some parts. This will show you how well the equipment works and allow you to evaluate the overall company and the people who work there. Look at the durability of the equipment, play with the controls to see how easy they are to understand and adjust, and see what you think.  

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