Powder Coating Clinic: Masking for Logo Design

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Q. We are powder coating stainless steel water bottles for our company. For our logo, we would like to use a vinyl sticker or decal before powder coating. After the coating is applied, we want to peel the vinyl off to achieve a stainless steel logo effect, so we need some kind of temperature-resistant vinyl. Any suggestions?

A. You could use high-temperature polyester tape. It will take up to 425°F in the oven, and it can be made in die-cut forms for your logo. You can find it from supply sources that can be researched through PFonline.com by searching “masking supplies” or “high-temperature masking tape.” There is one caution that is always offered about masking with powder coating: When you remove a masking tape after coating, the parting line at the edge of the tape may leave a rough edge. Powder is a relatively thick coating and may be a little ragged at the line due to bridging over the edge of the mask. A thinner coat will help. It may also be possible to carefully remove the mask before you cure. There is a risk of leaving some small particles on the masked area as the dry material breaks free when you remove the mask. Try some samples to see what works best.  


Originally published in the November 2016 issue