Powder Coating Over Chrome

Question: Can powder be applied directly over chrome or is it best to have the parts stripped of the chrome finish?


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Can powder be applied directly over chrome or is it best to have the parts stripped of the chrome finish? If it can be applied to the chrome, what is the result of a candy color over the chrome?

Also, I have heard rumors that applying powder to billet wheels will damage the molecular structure of the metal because of the high heat during baking. Is this so? Thank you for your assistance. Thanks for the help. J. S.


It's always a pleasure answering questions for "Car Nuts" as I count myself as one too. Nothing beats the odor of gasoline, the smell of burning rubber, the site of grease under your fingernails or an endless supply of car magazines.

Powder coatings have been applied successfully over chrome plating for many years. I recommend that you first neutralize the surface and remove any salts from the plating system by first rinsing the parts in virgin DI water. Of course, don't forget to dry the parts before powder coating.

Your question about "candy color" makes me think that this is a translucent clear color or tinted clear powder coating that you want to apply. It should look fine, but test spray a part to see if you like it. What you will see is some of the shiny chrome passing through a colored lens. If that's what you want, go for it! I suppose it is a matter of taste, and I have been told that I have no taste, so try a tests ample before you commit.

Applying powder coating over billet aluminum will not affect the molecular structure of the aluminum. Remember it's powder coating and not Kryptonite! However, if the aluminum is tempered, then be sure to check with your metal supplier for the maximum oven temperature you can run before you anneal the aluminum. Powder coating aluminum automotive wheels has been done successfully for many years without problems. Good luck and keep on turning those wrenches.


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