Powder Coating Q&A: Powder Cure Temperatures

Is there a polyester powder or other powder chemistry that can be cured below 250°F?


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Q. We have some parts that are somewhat sensitive to high temperatures and we want to know if we can powder coat them. One part is a cylinder that has a gasket material inside that will break down at temperatures above 250°F. It also has to have a coating with resistance to sunlight. Is there a polyester powder or other powder chemistry that can be cured below 250°F?

A. At the present time there is no powder that has UV resistance and can be cured at the level you are looking for. You may be able to coat with a low-temperature polyester (325°F) and cure it with an infrared oven. The IR oven does not need to elevate the entire core of the cylinder and may not overheat the gasket.

However, IR is a more sensitive technology than convection and precise control would be needed to make sure that the oven heated correctly on every part. Some testing may show whether this could be done successfully in production. 

Originally published in the January 2016 issue.


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