Powder Environmental Room



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Q. We are building a new powder system and wonder about the benefits of enclosing the powder booths in an environmental room. It is very expensive, and the climate control system also will cost money to operate. How can we justify the expense? B.H.

A. The benefit of an environmental room is control of temperature, humidity, dirt and airflow. Climate control helps you operate with consistent gun settings no matter what the external atmospheric conditions. Very low humidity can cause irregular charging and poor coverage. High humidity can cause the powder to clump and resist flow. Without a room to control the climate, the guns must be adjusted to compensate for changes in the temperature and humidity. The room also isolates the application process from the surrounding environment and limits dirt and the influence of cross drafts on the booth containment air. How do you justify the expense? More consistent outcome, better process control, fewer rejects, less powder waste, lower gun wear and less compressed air use. More consistency is the key. In climates with radical seasonal changes it is very helpful. In desert climates it is essential.  

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