Precision Coating Acquires Boyd Coatings Research

Acquisition creates a fluoropolymer coatings application firm providing global medical device manufacturing capabilities

Precision Coating of Boston, MA, has acquired Boyd Coatings Research, a provider of coating application services based in Hudson, MA.
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Donald Garcia, chairman, Boyd Coatings Research and Robert DeAngelis, president, Precision Coating Co.



Precision Coating of Boston, Massachusetts, has acquired Boyd Coatings Research, a provider of coating application services based in Hudson, Massachusetts. Together they will provide extensive and complementary fluoropolymer (Teflon/PTFE) application services to the medical device and highly engineered components markets.


Having developed proven coating processes for thousands of unique parts for over 50 years, company officials say each company has earned the trust of customers by providing expertise and exceptional service. They say combining the companies creates a platform to deliver quality, service, and coating application capabilities that exceed any vendor in the fluoropolymer coating space, with the strength to meet the increasingly demanding requirements of the global medical device market.


The company will be headquartered in Hudson, Massachusetts, and customer contacts will remain the same.


“We will combine and leverage the best practices from each organization to deliver an unmatched level of service and customer focus for current and future customers," said Bob DeAngelis, President of PCCI. "Key initiatives include expanded automated coating capacity, enhanced organizational capabilities with an increased focus on engineering and quality, including PTFE formulation, and opening a coating facility in Costa Rica for our international customers.”


“We think our customers will share our excitement as we strengthen our product offerings," said BCR’s President Dick Downey, who will act as Chief Integration Officer. "The combined company will establish a global R&D center in the Hudson facility to accelerate advances in coating deposition control and related capabilities.”


For more information on the capabilities of PCCI and BCR, visit www.precisioncoating.com and www.boydcoatings.com