Prime Restoration Featured by Memphis Chamber

A full service commercial and industrial abrasive blasting, surface preparation, painting and powder coating firm is expanding.
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The Greater Memphis Chamber recently featured Cory McCabe and Prime Restoration, which provides customers with high quality powder coating and media blasting services.


A few of the Q&A's in the article:


Why Memphis? Why This Location?

We have lived in the Memphis area our entire lives, and living in a major logistics center with air, railway, water and highway travel, we are able to not only tailor to customers in the Mid-South but also across the country. Memphis' prime hub loation allows us to get customers their products quickly and cost-effectively. Because our facility is located less than two miles from the interstate, it is a prime location for customers both inside and outside the Memphis area.

What Does Your Business Do?

We operate a full service commercial and industrial abrasive blasting, painting and powder coating firm. We use the latest procedures, materials, quality control and testing methods to serve clients in a variety of industries in sectors.

What Makes Your Business Stand Out?

We are one of only a few powder coating companies in the Mid-South and surrounding areas with the capability handle parts up to 25 feet in length and up to 7,200 parts a day. We provide a quick turnaround at an affordable price.



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    Exposure to road salts, UV radiation, heat, moisture and chipping from kicked-up road debris can quickly degrade an automotive coating system.

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    In a normal R&D scenario, a coating specification is written and approved by a large customer or OEM, then followed by a race among suppliers to meet the spec and sell to the finishing masses. But that isn’t the case for most of the military and other finishes Hentzen Coatings of Milwaukee, Wisc., has developed over the years.