Proper Industrial Paint Storage: Know Your Materials

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Whether it’s paint, powder or other surface finishing materials, the first step to proper storage and handling is to know your materials and their characteristics.


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Failure to consider safe material storage can lead to quality issues, wasted costs in material and serious health risks. The first step is understanding the properties and associated risks with your finishing material.

Powders, paints and other chemicals often require specific environmental conditions to protect the quality and effectiveness of the material. Some materials are more sensitive to conditions such as temperature and pose certain threats when stored with other chemicals. Other materials can be stored long-term in bulk inside a separate storage room and do not require extra safety measures.

Powder coatings, for example, must be stored in a cool, dry environment—with temperatures below 80 degrees and humidity levels less than 50 percent. Since it is hygroscopic, powder easily absorbs liquid, and excessive humidity can cause powder to clump or cake…READ MORE.