Protective Coating Shown to Improve Service Temps for Niobium-based Alloys

A research team from Northwestern Polytechnical University successfully achieved a duration of more than 128 hours at 1,500°C, thanks to multi-layered silicide coating.


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Dr. Jia Sun and a research team from Northwestern Polytechnical University have published a paper describing how niobium- (Nb-) based alloys successfully achieved duration of more than 128 hours at ultrahigh temperature of 1,500°C, thanks to a multi-layered silicide coating.

Dr. Sun says that, through optimizing interfaces, the silicide coating with a layer of aluminum oxide-adsorbed particles exhibited three-times higher oxidation resistance capacity than one without it. The Al2O3-adsorbed-particle layer served as an element-diffusion barrier, and a porous Nb5Si3 layer that was formed provided a stress-transition zone, and these contributed to the significant improvement in performance. 

These findings are described in the article entitled “A Long-term Ultrahigh Temperature Application of Layered Silicide Coated Nb Alloy in Air,” recently published in Applied Surface Science. Read it HERE.