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Q. We want to PVC-coat stainless steel vanity tops and the underside of cabinet parts. Please recommend suitable powder and application details. P. M.


A. PVC is available in several powder grades (electrostatic spray and fluidized bed). Electrostatic spray is used to apply PVC coatings up to 8 mil thick and fluidized bed applications can apply PVC 8–25 mil thick. Choose the method applicable for your coating goals. In either case, a liquid primer must be applied to the substrate in order to obtain complete adhesion. If the PVC is applied without a primer, it can be cut and peeled from the substrate much like stripping wire of insulation.

Since PVC is a thermoplastic organic coating, it isn’t cured with heat; it is only flowed to obtain some smoothness and form the coating. Experimentation with time at the appropriate melt temperature will be necessary to obtain the desired look and functionality from the coating.

As with all powder coatings, the surface must be cleaned properly and completely dried before applying the coating. This should be relatively straightforward, since you are using stainless steel as your substrate. 

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