Reliable Plating Works Celebrating 85 Years

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Reliable Plating Works in Milwaukee is celebrating 85 years in business. The company is owned by the Maliszewski family and was started by Julian Maliszewski in 1929.


Company president Jaime Maliszewski recently shared some historical notes about the company:



We want to thank all of our customers, supplier and employees for making this possible.

Here are a few of the history highlights:


  • --The upgraded versions of the Fort Howard paper products which we plated back in 1929 are still being plated currently! Even though the original Fort Howard Company has changed names several times over the past 85 years, they have never changed their Plater.
  • --This can also be said for our work with Broan Mfg. (now Broan Nutone) as they have been incorporated since 1935 and RPW is their ONLY continuous supplier over all those years (plus the years prior when they were building heaters out of an old garage).
  • --Jose Lopez is our longest term (non-family) employee with 35 years of service, Jose started at RPW when he was 17 years old and is now Plant Manager of RPW’s Elite Finishing division.
  • --Tom “Tucker” Gulland is our second longest term (non-family) employee with 32 years of service, he also started at the age of 17 and is now the Asst. Plant Manager of RPW.
  • --Crown Metal Company, Inc. has been making Lead Anodes for RPW since the 30’s and the same family is in ownership now. The grandson of the owner that sold to our Grandfather, Julian, is now selling to Julian's grandchildren. You have to love small family businesses that last this long. Eighty years of two family businesses working together - that’s amazing!
  • --An-Kor Rack Company, Inc. has been making our fixtures since the late 40’s. They changed ownership in the 90’s but several of the workers remained and continue to make our racks to this day. Seventy years of loyalty. Awesome!


Thanks again to all that have allowed RPW/Elite to service our customer for over 85 years!