Remied Celebrates 50 Years At Serfilco

Co-workers say he continues to be a great asset to the company and the industry that he has devotedly served for the last half century.


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Charles Remied proudly celebrated his 50th anniversary with pumps and filtration system maker Serfilco on August 15.


Remied started his illustrious career manufacturing some of Serfilco’s first pumps and filtration systems, spending the first 12 years primarily in manufacturing and product development.


In 1974 Jack Berg, the iconic founder of Northbrook, IL-based Serfilco, suggested that he start making sales calls on the metal finishing shops in the Chicago area. And as they say, “The rest is history”.


Charles has spent the last 40 years calling on thousands of metal finishing, machine tool and printed circuit board manufacturers, sharing his product knowledge and assisting them with difficult filtration and pumping applications.


He has been an active member and officer on numerous trade organizations, both local and national. A tireless member of trade show, golf outing and special events committees, his Serfilco co-workers say Charles has always been willing to assist in planning the next “great” event.


Remied will continue as Special Projects Manager, sharing his expertise with his fellow Serfilco employees and the surface finishing industry.


His co-workers say he has been, and will continue to be, a great asset to the company and the industry that he has so devotedly served for the last 50 years.