Replacing Media Update


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Q. In the July, 2005 issue, you answered my question: How long can I run my straight through vibrator without adding media, the purpose being to then empty the machine and start over with all new media. You estimated 150 hours. We have tracked our experience and find we are getting about twice that many hours between changes. I thought you would like to know. S.T.


A. Yes, I would like to know and thank you for the feedback. Nothing beats being conservative on a cost estimate! In discussing this with you, I learned that you are using the heavy weight, fracture resistant media developed for high energy machines. We often recommend this media for conventional vibratory machines because, due to its heavier weight, it cuts nearly as fast as the lighter, faster cutting compositions but it lasts much longer. The media wear data we have available for various products were developed years ago and this new media was not on the market. It is good to have empirical reports to support a recommendation.

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