Restoring an Antique Golf Club

Can I restore an antique golf club that has a nickel-plated steel head?


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Q. I have an antique golf club that belonged to my grandfather. It has a nickel-plated steel head and a wood shaft. While it is not useful to play the modern game of golf it has sentimental value and I wish to give it to my grandson. Can it be restored? –O.C.

A. I can't address the restoration of the wood shaft and grip, but yes, the nickel-plated steel head can be restored. Nickel is relatively easily stripped from steel. There also may be a copper flash under the nickel plate. This is not a project for the do-it-yourselfer. The head can then be replated with a bright nickel finish. The chemicals required for stripping of nickel are nasty. The stripping must be done so as not to damage the underlying steel substrate. You should be able to find a plating shop in your area that can perform the stripping and replating. Be aware that since this is a "one up" job, it will be expensive. But for a grandson, why not?

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