Sifco ASC Staff Help at Local Food Bank

A total of 29 colleagues donated 116 volunteer hours to this worthy cause to help the Greater Cleveland Food Bank, which provides more than 50,000,000 meals each year.


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The team at SIFCO Applied Surface Concepts’ Cleveland, Ohio, headquarters showed its support for disadvantaged local residents and helped at the local food bank as part of a team-building initiative. A total of 29 colleagues donated 116 volunteer hours to this worthy cause.

The Greater Cleveland Food Bank (GCFB) provides more than 50,000,000 meals each year and distributes more than 44, 000,000 pounds of food annually. In 2016, the food bank, which relies on volunteers to save staffing costs, served 236,561 people, 63,810 of whom were children and 35,958 elderly.

The food bank’s services are greatly needed; 17.5 perent of the entire Northeast Ohio population (22 percent of the child population) is “food insecure,” which is the term used by the USDA to denote a lack of regular access to sufficient food for an active, healthy life for all household members and limited, or uncertain, availability of nutritionally adequate foods.

Each of the Sifco ASC volunteers worked a four-hour shift at GCFB on one of eight days, making a total of 116 hours donated. Some worked in the warehouse packing lunches and preparing donated goods, while others helped in the kitchen preparing meal trays. The Sifco ASC team members were very enthusiastic about their experience, and several of them have expressed an interest in returning to the GCFB and volunteering again in the future.

“At Sifco ASC, we are proud to be part of the Cleveland community, and working with our neighbors in this way has been a reflection of that,” says Sifco’s Allison Stockdale. “We are grateful to GCFB for the support they gave our volunteers and for the wonderful work they do in this area. We are also pleased that some of our people have expressed a desire to continue their very helpful work going forward.”

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