Sodium Bicarbonate Blasting


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Q. We are trying to locate Natrium 60 sodium blasting. Can you help? D.V.

A. Unfortunately, I can’t find the exact product or service you are requesting above, although I am fairly confident that it would be a sodium bicarbonate blasting process. You can find suppliers to set you up with a process such as this or job shops that would specialize in this sort of blasting.
It is considered to be a gentler alternative to sandblasting and has found its use primarily in paint-coating removal from most surfaces, but it is also effective at dirt and grease removal from metal parts, and cleaning of mold castings. Additionally, it is reported to be approved by the Food and Drug Administration for use on food-grade equipment. 
Generally, the sodium bicarbonate powder is propelled towards a surface by air and breaks down upon impact. That scouring and energy effect is very useful in pickup and removal of some tenacious residues. Any input or knowledge from the readers regarding the specifics of the Natrium 60 sodium blasting process would be appreciated and passed on in a future column.

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