Stripping Aluminum Parts


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Q. We recently purchased aluminum machined parts from Taiwan with poor quality powder coating, and are now wondering if you could recommend a company that has a good history of stripping powder coat without damaging the machined part. We make optical equipment, so cosmetics are important to our customers. L. D.


A. Because your parts are made from aluminum, your alternatives are limited. The gentlest stripping methods for your particular substrate are plastic media blasting and chemical stripping (probably acid-based). Either of these methods will remove the powder coating without harming the aluminum substrate. What won’t work are molten salt and burn-off (or bake-off), since these will adversely affect your aluminum substrate and hardness temper. You can search for relevant companies under the Suppliers tab at www.pfonline.com.

Next time you purchase these parts from China, be sure to state your quality requirements clearly. It may not guarantee success, but it is a step in the right direction.

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