Stripping Powder-Coated Aluminum


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Q. I was wondering if you could recommend a process or chemical solution to strip powder-coated aluminum. My company operates a small finishing department and periodically we have to re-coat. The only solution we’ve had any luck with is an alkaline methylene chloride-based solution that we are looking to replace. We’ve tried a few other solutions, including an acidic (pH ~2) benzyl alcohol-based solution with no luck. S.F.


A. Chemical strippers are available from several companies. Go to PFONLINE's Suppliers Database to obtain the contact information. I have little experience in using any of them. Furthermore, stripping aluminum can be a problem, as the metal is often affected by the stripping chemistries. The only advice I can provide is to recommend testing these before you actually purchase a large quantity of the chemical. Go with what works the best and what can be disposed of using reasonable methods. 

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