Surface Finishing Mexico Expects to Surpass Attendance In 2019

The Mexican Association for Surface Finishing is hosting Surface Finishing Mexico (SFM) March 14-15 in Monterrey.


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The Mexican Association for Surface Finishing (AMAS) is hosting Surface Finishing Mexico (SFM) on March 14-15 in Monterrey. This year’s event is a change of venue to Monterrey, a city that represents the most productive industrial regions in Mexico.

“This city is a very important pole for the entire northern region, which is characterized by its strong industrial activity,” says Abelardo González, president of AMAS. “That stretch includes cities such as Tijuana, where industries such as aerospace continue to grow, and we believe that this will impact the entire industrial corridor.”

The fourth annual SFM aims to bring together in a single site the main players of the surface finishing industry at a national and international level, as well as the experience of the whole community organized around AMAS.

“AMAS represents more than 130 companies, which means that we have a very robust offer of supplies in the surface finishing industry,” González says. “By saying supply, we refer to chemical, paint and equipment manufacturers required in the industry, as well as the shops and companies that work on finishing.”

For 2019, SFM expects to have 170 booths, in which there will be 110 exhibitors in more than 5,000 square meters of exhibition space. Additionally, more than 1,350 visitors are expected to attend the show, surpassing the annual average of the previous three events.

Among the exhibitors for 2019, there will be national and international companies that provide different finishing services for industries such as automotive, aerospace, household appliances, electronics and construction.

González says SFM emerged as a response to the great growth the finishing industry has experienced in Mexico. Its goals are to generate new business opportunities and increase the technical and technological level through specialized training.

For the next edition of SFM, the event seeks to offer more than 30 conferences with specialists who will address issues such as advances and developments in coatings and application methods, automation and robotics, nanotechnology and coatings, environmental impact in the finishing industry, and research and development in the coatings industry. Business meetings will be another outstanding aspect as organizers expect to have more than 500 of them.

“We seek to generate opportunities for our associates to meet potential buyers and contribute to other industries—such as automotive and aerospace—so they can meet with a variety of suppliers who are concentrated in one place,” González says.

In the three previous events, SFM has facilitated communications between suppliers and companies, and provided workshops on the finishing market, benefiting hundreds of projects and bringing together this constantly
growing industry.

Companies and suppliers interested in an exhibitor space can visit surfacefinishingmexico.com.

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