Techmetals Earns Boeing BAC 5680 Zinc Nickel Approval

Dayton shop says it is first worldwide to be approved for BAC 5680 spec for low hydrogen embrittlement zinc nickel, for replacement of cadmium in the aerospace and defense markets.
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Techmetals in Dayton, Ohio says it is the first job shop worldwide to be approved for Boeing’s BAC 5680 specification for low hydrogen embrittlement (LHE) zinc nickel, an approval that helps support the replacement of using cadmium in the aerospace and defense markets.


BAC 5680 establishes the requirements for the electrodeposition of a zinc-nickel alloy containing 5 to 15 percent nickel. Plating within the scope of this specification is intended for use on low alloy steels heat treated to 220 ksi and above.


� Boeing said it is working to minimize or avoid the use of potentially hazardous materials, including cadmium. Boeing research has been working to identify and test replacements for cadmium-based measures to prevent corrosion, and this Zn-Ni alloy plating process is designed to provide an environmentally preferred method to Cadmium-Titanium Alloy Plating BAC 5804.


“There is an intense level of training that takes place at Techmetals, so we are very happy to be selected for the BAC5680 approval process,” said Phil Brockman, the company’s president.


Techmetals is AS9100 certified and a merit status Nadcap Chemical Processing and Coatings facility for many OEM aerospace and defense companies, as well as medical, automotive, nuclear, power generation, and others.


For more information, visit Techmetals.com