Tom Ridge to Speak at NASF Washington Forum

Former Homeland Security Director will greet attendees and deliver remarks at NASF’s Washington Forum evening reception on Monday, April 15.


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Former Homeland Security Director Tom Ridge will greet attendees and deliver remarks at NASF’s Washington Forum’s evening reception, Monday, April 15.

During his tenure at the Department of Homeland Security, Secretary Ridge worked with 180,000-plus employees from 22 government agencies to create an entity that facilitated the flow of people and goods; instituted layered security at air, land and seaports; developed a unified national response and recovery plan; protected critical infrastructure; and improved information sharing worldwide.

Prior to the events of September 11, Ridge was twice elected governor of Pennsylvania. His aggressive technology strategy helped fuel the state’s advances in economic development, education, health care and the environment. Ridge also served six terms as a member of the U.S. House of Representatives. He serves on the boards of the Institute for Defense Analyses and the Center for the Study of the Presidency and Congress. He is chairman of Ridge Global LLC, chairman of the Ridge Global Cybersecurity Institute and a partner of Ridge Policy Group LLC, which provides solutions to cyber security, international security and risk management issues.

NASF also announced Peter Hart as the Washington Forum’s luncheon speaker. As a leading public opinion expert and pollster for NBC and the Wall Street Journal, Hart has been key in determining the future for some of America’s most influential corporations and politicians. He is one of the top analysts in the United States and a leading shaper of national trends and political messages.

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