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Do you teach any paint or industrial coating classes? If not, do you happen to know where I could find one?
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Q. I’m a manufacturing engineer at my plant, and I have recently taken over the paint line. I’m trying to increase my knowledge of industrial painting and would like to take some classes to learn proper painting techniques. This knowledge would be helpful not only to me but to our painters. I was wondering if you taught any paint or industrial coating classes. After taking such a course, I could, in turn, train our painters in proper painting techniques. My boss and I feel this knowledge would not only provide better finishes on our products, but would also reduce paint usage. If you don’t teach any, do you happen to know where I could find one? B.K.


A. I recently wrote an instruction manual for a customer on this subject. Since I did it on his dime, it’s his intellectual property. Unfortunately, I don’t teach any paint or industrial painting classes. but I do teach piano lessons, if that helps. Some time ago, I answered the same question about painting classes for another reader. I told him he should inquire at local trade schools, community colleges and even correspondence schools to see if they teach spray painting classes.

Another source for training classes is painting equipment manufacturers. Naturally, they would teach you how to use their spray guns. Some paint suppliers also provide training classes on how to apply their materials, although one of them did teach a generic course. When I was president of the Pittsburgh Society for Coatings Technology we sponsored spray painting classes in a course at a local trade school. Certainly in view of the many programs needed for retraining the work force, someone in your area should provides such a course.

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