Training Programs



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Q. Where can I get some information about training programs for electroplaters? Our company seems to have a problem with finding individuals who have some basic understanding of the plating process. The end result is that we have high costs for rework and scrap. We are a U.S.-based company and strongly believe that we can effectively compete with foreign plating companies if we have a well-trained staff. M.C.

A. It is nice to hear that there are still U.S.-based companies that want to invest in improving the skills of their plating staff. Personally, I just assumed that somebody would come out with an iPhone or Android application that would take care of all of the plating problems that the plating industry experiences. So far this has not happened, and I doubt that it will in the near future. That means that we have to do something rather old-fashioned, that is, train our plating operators.
Some companies have instituted their own training programs that, if done properly, make a great difference in the quality and quantity of parts that are plated. There are two organizations that I recommend for either on-site training or seminar training: Kushner Electroplating School (platingschool.com) and the National Association of Surface Finishers (nasf.org). While I am no longer involved with Kushner Electroplating School, having retired more than two years ago, the school is in excellent hands and offers a wide selection of training options.