Tungsten Carbide Precision Wear Parts

Question: I represent a manufacturer of tungsten carbide precision wear parts.


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I represent a manufacturer of tungsten carbide precision wear parts. We would like to gain access to the painting equipment marketplace in the area of pump and valve replacement or OEM parts. Is there an industry digest that may help us locate paint application pump and valve manufacturers or repair shops? M. G.


Suppliers of OEM pumps and valves are easy to find; repair shops are difficult. It would seem to me that your efforts should be directed to the OEM suppliers. When I had a real job and we needed pump parts, we ordered them from the OEM supplier. They gave you a repair manual showing exploded views of their products, with all the parts identified. We just picked the number off the page, looked up the part number in the accompanying parts table and marked it on the purchase order.

Suppliers of pumps and valves are listed in the 2005 Products Finishing Directory & Technology Guide (www.pfonline.com/suppliers.html).

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