Vacuum Metallizing



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No, I don't have a question, just information for C.S. on vacuum metallizing relating to the July 1999 issue of Painting Clinic. A good reference is "Metallizing of Plastics" by Harold Narcus, Reinhold Publishing, NY, 1960. It may be hard to find but has a wealth of information on the subject. J.S.


Thank you for writing to Painting Clinic. My guess is that the aforementioned reference is more than C.S. wanted to know about vacuum metallizing. In the July 1999 column, I mentioned C.S. restores 1970-1973 Camaros and had trouble finding someone to refinish a pot metal turn-signal housing that had what I believed to be a vacuum metallized reflector. He was talking to electroplaters and should have been talking to vacuum metallizers.

Please don't think my remarks mean I am not grateful. This writer welcomes any and all comments as well as constructive and destructive criticisms.