Video Highlights Broad Range of PPG Automotive Coatings

Video details functional automotive parts, surfaces and applications for which PPG provides innovative coatings products.


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PPG has produced an animated video that details all the functional (non-decorative) automotive parts, surfaces and applications for which PPG provides innovative coatings products.


Using a generic sport utility vehicle (SUV) to illustrate, the animation depicts the five layers of protection and beauty that PPG coatings—such as pretreatment and electrocoat (ecoat) products for finished metal—provide for exterior body parts.


The video also shows PPG coatings on parts that make up the powertrain and suspension, as well as those applied to frames and structural components, wheels, wiper arms, bumpers, tow hitches and roof racks.


Additionally, electronic and conductive coatings by PPG are featured on the animated SUV. Inside the vehicle, they enhance the performance of antennas, air bag sensors, electronic devices and mirrors. Outside the vehicle, these coatings help advanced collision-avoidance systems detect obstacles.


Effy Carpenter, PPG segment manager, automotive parts and accessories-functional (APAF), says PPG produced the video to show automotive manufacturers and their tier suppliers how they can partner with PPG for single-source coatings capability, covering a broad array of innovative solutions for aesthetics, corrosion-resistance and light-weighting challenges.


“PPG is well-known and widely trusted in the auto industry for providing reliable corrosion prevention and unique external color and protection. Our goal is to continue to expand automotive customers’ awareness of our full range of exceptional coatings technologies and expertise,” she explained. “This new animation illustrates the array of solutions in our advanced auto coatings portfolio, highlighting both the proven and breakthrough PPG products that can help manufacturers and tier suppliers.”


The video can be downloaded from the APAF page on ppgindustrialcoatings.com. For more information, call 1-888-774-2001.




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